Monday, February 22, 2010


Its laughing, not just yet. I am not even sure how we came to this choice but plans evolved so quickly. I have never put on a full blown wedding production before and not sure if I even want to but I thought that maybe someone would be interested in my short and sweet production of a destination wedding in Las Vegas. I am not sure if it started with the venue or the dress but we will show them both.

My first instinct was to have the wedding hosted at the Bellagio in Vegas, have you seen the place? So elegant, so charming....But, my dear friend Jaime found the STARDUST SUITE at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. in a word...SWANK! Just check out the pictures below courtesy of The Orleans Hotel Las Vegas. It is about 3500 square feet of space with a great balcony on the 22nd floor of the hotel

A very cool venue indeed! SO.... it will be a soiree of about 35 of our family and friends, people coming far and wide to see us tie the knot, the furthest travelers will come from Barcelona Spain, where my dear friend Deb and her Hubby Sito and baby Sara will drop in!

One of the best parts of going to Las Vegas to get married is during the time we choose to go, it coincides with one of the largest rockabilly shows on the coast VLV, Viva Las Vegas for the lay people.  We have some great shows on the east coast but nothing like this. Who would NOTt want to see the hottest rods in the country, burly q hotties, and the best bands in the world. Think The Chop Tops, The Buzzards, Wanda Jackson and even Chuck Berry. They will all be at this years event. a not to be missed part of rockabilly culture.

Ok... so the dress. Funny story. As a vintage clothing dealer I never have time to shop for myself. I thought I would just look to see what is out there and happened to look on etsy for "vintage white dress". A few clicks later was a seller that I very much admire and shopped with her way back in the day on Ebay...., so anyhoots, a few clicks and there it was.

It is from Timeless Vixen 1950's white chiffon type, strapless, with red millinery roses attached to the dress, WOW! Ladies you know exactly what I am talking about when you see the one you know....Thank you Lauren from Timeless Vixen.  She is on Etsy and also has her own site and of course on Etsy. You could shop my site too as long as we are talking vintage.... 

BTW, do you know ETSY? Everything I see on there I want. O now I have been doing a little shopping and will post my adventures and treasures soon....I have been impressed with everything I have ever gotten from any seller on there so go sign up and check it out.

I currently now started the hunt for wedding invitations for my big day and I found 2 sellers that do custom work and I am looking into it now. The first one is SONDRAS INK

These are just adorable and go with the whole Vegas theme, I just convoed her for a sample and even from the picture they seem like quality and kitch, which of course I love. Although she does not have alot listed, I really like her style.

The other invitation I really like is from ROYAL STEAMLINE another mom and pop duo out of Portland. They have a great site, lots of packages to choose from and they are unusual beauties...trying to find "rockabilly invitations" is not easy. Again looks like super quality, I will just have to get a sample and see. I am sure there is more out there but when I see something I like I go for it, so these are my top 2 contenders....

I am sure I will post more ideas and items from my tricks of vintage weddings. I have to think of hair and makeup and photography and music and cakes and menus, etc. Any imput would be a great help fans, so post away. I have not seen much on "Rockabilly Weddings" except of course having Elvis marry us...its a consideration....

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